The head-heart conundrum...............

Often times we think about something that is going on in our lives and are able to rationally think about it with our heads.  The problem comes in when we start listening to our hearts. For example, each of us feels as though they are responsible for something bad that has happened to them.  Your head may say, "it wasn't your fault you got in an accident, the other car ran the red light." But there might be a small part of your heart that says, "if you had left on time you wouldn't have's your fault."   I call this the head-heart conundrum. The key to effective therapy is connecting the head and the heart so they are on the same page!


How do you connect the head and the heart????

I have spent many years asking this same question. I have found two methods that allow a person to connect their head (thoughts) with their heart (feelings). These processes are Brainspotting and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Both methods allow a client to process traumatic events in a rapid, effective way that offers privacy and efficiency. The methods enable the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of the brain to interact and communicate while being mindful of what the body is experiencing. 

Therapy is no longer just about building a relationship with a neutral person to talk about your feelings.  It is now about CHANGING YOUR LIFE AND THEN LIVING IT!!!!!!!!!!