While the thought of doing "trauma work" can be scary and intimidating, most people don't realize the way their lives are being affected by what they have experienced. My casual definition of trauma is anything that happens to us that we did not predict. When something happens that jolts our body, we have an emotional reaction and a physical reaction. Nine times out of ten we stuff the emotional reaction into a dark place inside and work through the problem. Trauma work is about identifying the hidden reactions that have never been expressed. I have a method of doing this that allows the person to not have to talk about what they have been through and to work at a rapid pace to see rapid results............Not so scary now?!?!?!?!?!

  • Trauma Therapy

    • Brainspotting - utilizing bi-lateral music and eye positioning to help identify/process how you feel (www.brainspotting.pro)
    • EMDR - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing - allowing your mind to tie together your emotional and physical reactions with events that have happened in your life. (www.emdr.com)

  • Consultation

    • Life coaching
      • Avenues to focus on
      • Intentional behaviors = Goals achieved
    • Trauma debriefings
      • The need for taking care of officers and first responders starts with identifying the critical incidents that can break a career. It is the responsibility of the administration to take care of their employees and to ensure the mind of a first responder is as healthy as it can be. My method of critical incident debriefings focuses on the point of trauma for each individual on scene. The participants of the debriefing will experience group EMDR and find relief in the level of distress caused by the traumatic event. 
    • Domestic Violence education
      • I am a certified domestic violence trainer who specializes in educating officers about the sensitivity and heightened awareness of such calls. I also have developed a program to educate departments and officers about officer involved domestic violence and the potential risks to those who are responding.
    • Law Enforcement Seminars
      • Law enforcement officers have great information to share with people. I take my experiences as an officer, as a wife of an officer and as a social worker and integrate them into a fun and educational format for others to learn and grow from.
      • --- MORE THAN A COP -- This is an 8 hour seminar for law enforcement officers and their spouses. The seminar takes the officers and their spouse through the struggle of being in a law enforcement family and strengthens the need for positive communication and healthy self care. The seminar is interactive, allowing officers and their spouses to work on their own struggles and find the ultimate answer to being 100% family!!
      • Spouse Education
        • Often times spouses don't understand the effects that being a first responder may have on the family life. When this occurs, families struggle thus the result of a higher divorce rate for those who are first responders. I offer training seminars that break down the effects of being a law enforcement officer and how that may effect the family. Also included in the trainings are tools to identify signs and self care tools to support spouses.  
      • Other Seminars upon request!