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Nine times out of ten we stuff the emotional reaction into a dark place inside and work through the problem. Trauma work is about identifying the hidden reactions that have never been expressed. I have a method of doing this that allows the person to not have to talk about what they have been through and to work at a rapid pace to see rapid results.

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Therapy is no longer just about building a relationship with a neutral person to talk about your feelings.  It is now about changing your life and then living it!

I came to Stephanie with baggage and trauma that I did not realize needed to be addressed. Working in Law Enforcement, everyday stressors were heightened and past trauma was rearing its head again. I was in a very low place at the time, with little to no hope in sight. Stephanie utilized her tools and skills to redirect me on the right path. She uses brain spotting, which I originally was very skeptical about. However, through the first few sessions, I was soon made a believer. Therapy and Brainspotting gave me the ability to breathe again, and opened my eyes to the positivity in life. It lifted a lifetime of weight off of my shoulders, and I will forever use the skills and methods Stephanie taught me to get through my day-to-day stressors and conflicts. Though she is very knowledgeable and has a tool for everything, Stephanie is very down-to-earth and extremely easy to talk to.

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